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We had a problem with carpenter ants and as our boathouse is well over a hundred years old we were quite concerned. A call to Don Logan resulted in a prompt visit and he dealt with the ants in a professional way leaving no mess or doing anything that annoyed us. We called him back for another situation in our house and again, clean, professional, and nothing out of place.  We will ask him to come again should there ever be a need.  Thank you Don.
  - D. A.

My wife and I used the services of Parkway Pest Control at our cottage on an island, in the Thousand Islands for several years until we recently sold the cottage. Don provided a number of services for us including pest control, and property landscape maintenance. He was always on time, professional, and reasonable. I only wish I had found his services years ago! It can be difficult to find people that work out on the islands and I can highly recommend him for the services he performs.
  - Jay Snedeker

We had been inundated with spiders for years, so I asked a friend who he used for his cottage and he said "Parkway Pest Control".  Base on what I saw at his place, no one else would do.  Even though we are a distance away, PPC has been taking care of our place and solved the problem with commercial products, professional applicators and experience over the Do-It-Yourself method which was totally futile.  Worth every dollar... Thanks Don!
  - Brian Prince

Don Logan of Parkway Pest Control has taken care of our island for several years. His work is thorough and extremely competent. Don is reliable, punctual and conscientious. I recommend without reservation.
  - Allison (Island 77, Ivy Lea)