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Parkway Pest Control (PPC) provides residential Pest control services to clients located on the Canadian side of the St. Lawrence river in the 1000 Islands. Centrally located in Ivy Lea, PPC is a structural Pest control operator servicing cottages, boathouse and other residential buildings  on island and mainland properties. Licensed by the Ontario Ministry of the environment,  PPC specializes in rodent, spider and insect control including wasps, cluster flies and cockroaches.

PPC incorporates modern environmentally friendly methods with specialized operator equipment. In certain situations in order to eliminate rodent activity on property premises, a clean up of debris and junk is in order. Crawl spaces under cottages are popular locations to store old and /or discarded items providing an ideal environment for rodents to take up residence . In response to rodent problems , PPC expanded to provide a barge service and debris removal services to customers.

Over the last few years PPC has removed large amounts of unused household items and taken them to the proper disposal sites in accordance with the required environmental disposal processes.

In my experience we have removed household debris and junk items which have remained on Islands for numerous years prior to PPC providing these much needed disposal services. I take pride in PPC offering a solution to help clean up our river and surrounding environment. With two barges available this service has now been expanded into material delivery. All of which is done in a safe manner as PPC is a Transport Canada licensed operator including Transport Canada marine safety training.

I look forward to serving your requirements. 

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